Merz Maschinenfabrik

About our company

Merz Maschinenfabrik constructs 4-feed high-performance circular knitting machines with a reciprocated heel movement for the manufacture of medical compression stockings in compression classes I to III (bespoke orders also possible), as well as anti-embolism stockings, knee bandages, ankle supports, and ladies sheer tights with reciprocated heel and toe. Brothers Hans-Ulrich and Siegfried Carl Keck are now managing the company in the fourth generation.


Company history

In 1900, Carl Merz formed MERZ as a mechanical workshop in Hechingen.
Its initial business focused on service and repairs for SINGER sewing machines and bicycles. Shortly after formation, the company then started constructing its first circular looms and knitting machines.

After the end of the Second World War, the company started making double-cylinder circular knitting machines for hosiery production. The first MERZ double-cylinder circular knitting machines were delivered in 1948. In the early 1950s,
the company began development on circular knitting machines for manufacturing nylon hosiery, and these machines started shipping from 1955 onwards.

In the ’60s, MERZ moved to premises on Haigerlocher Straße, which is now the site of the company’s Head Office. The company has been making circular knitting machines for ladies sheer tights ever since: these systems consist of
all electronic, 4-feed reciprocating machines. 

From the 1970s, the company has also been focusing increasingly on the development and construction of circular knitting machines for making medical stockings – and is now a global market leader in this segment.

How time flies...
  • 1900

    MERZ was founded in Hechingen as a mechanical workshop by Mr. Carl Merz - service + repair works on SINGER sewing machines and bicycles Production of circular loop wheel machines

  • 1948

    Construction and first export orders of double-cylinder circular knitting machines for the production of socks

  • 1955

    Series production of circular knitting machines for „nylon stockings“

  • 1962

    Company & production moved to a new facility in Hechingen (210 employees)

  • 1970

    Development and manufacturing of circular knitting machines for the production of medical stockings

  • 2000

    MERZ celebrates its 100th anniversary

  • 2003

    MBS – Merz Body Seamless machine – in corporation with Mayer & Cie, Tailfingen

  • 2009

    MERZ owned by two brothers Hans-Ulrich & Siegfried Carl Keck

  • 2011

    ITMA Barcelona presentation of CC4 II latest knitting technology for the production of medical compression stockings

  • 2014

    World's leading manufacturer of knitting technology for compression stockings

  • 2015

    ITMA Milan presentation of CC4 II-8 sustainability combined with knitting technology beyond graduated compression *HEALTH or DESIGN – no need to compromise* CC4 II-8 with terry application and new cylinder Ø 7'' inch